Through Partnerships and Integrations, Dock’s system is able to support parking enforcement. Dock will integrate with enforcement software of your choice. All accounts with Dock
receive access to Taggr Solutions technology.

License Plate Recognition

We are proud to partner with EnSight Technologies, who has deep machine learning experience with visual imaging and ensures a 95%+ accuracy on reads, and are working towards 99% accuracy. Our combined solution undergoes immense manual testing and automated post processing processes to guarantee the results Operators are seeking.

Frictionless Parking Enforcement System

Parking session begins once vehicle enters lot and license plate is capture via LPR

Customer scans QR code and registers their vehicle

Dock reconciles license plate data with a paid or validated session.

When a violator is identified, data is sent to parking enforcement partner

Customer scans QR code and registers their vehicle


Parkpliant issues real time SMS notifications to customers who have violated the parking lot regulations, creating a sense of urgency and accountability while the driver is still within proximity. If payment is not received from a digital warning, a mail-in notice process is activated. Parkpliant can be integrated at parking lots with or without LPR.


Dock and Taggr have partnered to create a revolutionary parking enforcement marketplace, allowing operators and asset owners to enforce their lots with more oversight and less overhead.

  • Taggr is a parking enforcement marketplace that connects 1099 workers with parking lots. Just as Uber, Lyft and GrubHub help optimize people’s time to increase their annual earnings, Taggr does the same. Tire Tag and Parkpliant are the primary enforcement tactics, as these solutions are proven to have the highest pay rates. Taggr allows you to enforce your lots 24/7 with zero upfront costs and zero operational overhead. We do all the work and pay you when a claim is successfully processed!


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